Never before has there been a more instant hassle free way to save on your calls abroad.   Call when you want, for as long as you want, as often as you want   That's it! You get our great rates without having to open an account or give out your credit card details. Start saving right here!  
Top-up from your Mobile
For a £3 top-up to your mobile
Text the message


to the short number 80041.
This text will cost you 3 [plus your operator's standard text charge] and we will credit your phone with 3 of call credit. You will receive a text to the mobile phone telling you what numbers to dial.
Text the message SAY to the short number 83006, and you will receive credits of 3 pounds to your mobile phone.. Dial the access number 0207 124 6666, wait for the welcome message, then enter the country's international code, plus your destination number. That's it talk away!
How to Use
Make your call from your mobile
then your destination number

(don't forget your the international code)
[Do not press Send again]

For example if you calling an Australian Landline:

Dial 0207 124 6666 > 0061 + [your destination number]


Call Charges:

All about texting 80041  
You must have a valid UK mobile number on the T-Mobile or Vodafone or O2 or Orange or Three or Virgin networks to use this service. Bill payer's permission must be obtained before texting. The text message request you send for a 3 top-up will be charged at your standard mobile operator's text rate. Each of the two text messages you receive will cost 150p and will be credited individually one at a time.
When you want to make the international call you need to dial one of the numbers that access our service - the number you dial is 0207 124 6666.






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Minutes shown based on single use of card. Each call is charged per minute rate for the relevant country. A connection charge equal to the pence per minute rate (up to a maximum of 15 pence) for the relevant country is also charged per call. An access charge is also charged depending how you access the service: 0207 - your service provider's standard rate or included in your call package. Higher rates generally apply when calling international mobiles and premium rate numbers. Call charges include VAT and are charged per minute, rounded to the nearest penny. Individual call rates subject to change at any time. You must purchase the card through an active UK mobile. Your service provider will charge you for the 80041 £3 credit request SMS plus their standard network rate. Maximum purchase of £30 per day per SIM card. You must have the bill payer’s permission before using our service.





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